Top 5 Tips and Tricks Of 2014


Hi everyone, welcome back to the next post in my Top 5 Of 2014. Today we are looking at the Top 5 tips and Tricks that I have shared during the past year so enjoy!

This is actually one of the most popular posts on my blog and is well worth a look as it is an all natural way to get a flatter stomach.

This was also another popular tip which is great especially if you keep your nail polishes in a drawer or box.

Everybody has a tub of Vaseline in there house but did you know you could do all these things with it?!

I always find hair care tips are one of those things that there is loads of so here is my list of ten of the best.

This was another post from the top 10 tips series that you all really loved. Here I have condensed the millions of mani tips out there into a more reasonable list of ten. 

So there we have plenty of tips and tricks for you all to have a look at! Also let me know what your top tips and tricks and I may just feature them in a post.... 

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