Top 5 Recipes of 2014


Hi everyone, today I have a Top 5. Recipes Of 2014 for you. If you have missed the previous posts then you can check them out here. Anyway on to today's post...

P.S Disclaimer: If you are not hungry now you will be by the time you have read this post!

This is my go to allergy friendly recipe! It is free from gluten, dairy, sugar, nuts a nd more! It is very quick and easy to make and most importantly it tastes amazing! All my friends and family really like 

Another thing I missed when I went gluten and dairy free was pizza. It actually took me a long time to perfect this recipe but now I have it is definitely a winner! It's easy to make and great for when you have gluten free people to cook for.

I love mince pies so when I became gluten and dairy free I knew I needed to find some way to still make them! This is my tried and tested recipe that I love. 

During the summer I had smoothies almost everyday so I couldn't not share some of my favourites in a post for you all!

This is one of those meals that is super easy to make but actually looks like you have put loads of effort into it! A great one if you are cooking for other people too.

I love fruit loaf, this is actually my grandmas recipe that I adapted when I became gluten and dairy free. It is another of my go to recipes, it's so yummy! Writing about it now is making me want one very badly!! 

So there you have my top 5 recipes of 2014. I looovvee all of these recipes so much they are all staples in my recipe book! I can't wait to share some more amazing recipes with you this year. :-) I hope you are feeling hungry!

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