Top 5 Nail Designs Of 2014


Hi everyone, I really hope you are enjoying these round up posts. I am enjoying sharing them with you! Today it is nails so I am sharing with you my top my nail designs of 2014. So let's get started...

I loved this nail design it was just so stinking cute! I loved the way all the colours went together. It will defiantly be a look I will be recreating next year..

I saw this idea on Pinterest and really liked it. So with a twist of my own I shared it with you all. It truly is sophisticated bling!

I loved colour of this it's just such a lovely raspberry colour nail polish. I also really love polka dots so combining them together = my dream manicure!

This is actually a lot harder to do then it looks but i think it's really cute and perfect for spring. I'll be trying this again this year but hopefully with a few straighter lines!

This is was one of my first nail art adventures. I love the way it turned out its super cute and really easy to do!

If you have enough of it painting your nails and would rather do something with all of your nail polish. Then this is the post for you I got 10 super easy and clever ways you can use your nail polish and combined them all into one post.

So there you have it my roundup of the top nail posts from last year. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments which posts were your favourites. Also do let me know if there are any other posts you would like to see this year and I will put them on my list!

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