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Hi everyone, today we have the last post in my Top 10 Tips For... Series and we are talking Christmas! If you missed the other posts you can find them here, here and here. On to the tips...


Make lists (and check them twice…)
See what I did there?! In many different parts of life, one thing that can help you stay as organized as possible is lists! Make separate lists for each thing and organize them by how quickly they need to get done. Then, you can tackle a few things a day, stay organized, and not let yourself get overwhelmed!!

Divide tasks up
Divided tasks up in to smaller 20-30min tasks. This means you don't have to have the whole day free to do things you can just spend your evening doing a few things etc.

Money Saving:


Cut out old Christmas cards to make gift tags for the next year - it's a good way to recycle and saves money too. My mum does this every year and I have to say it is a really great idea!

Sign up

Register for your favourite sites email updates. This means whenever they have sales or discounts you will be the first to know and take advantage of them.. I have also been wondering a bout setting up a deals blog as a sister blog to The Busy Bee... Would this interest you???

On the day:

Make a list: 
If you have kids this is an essential tip for you! As kids open there presents have a piece of paper an a pen nearby so you can jot down who was given what by who. This means when it's time to write thank yous you won't be scrabbling round trying to work out who gave who what!

Wrap and extra box:
When you are doing your Christmas wrapping make sure you wrap and extra big box up. Then on Christmas Day you can use it to collect up all the wrapping paper rather then a big black bin bag as it will look way better in the pics too!


Accept help!
As things start getting busy, it will be really tempting to try to get everything done yourself, but don’t get caught up in the need to have control! When you try to do everything yourself, you are just going to become frustrated and annoyed! When your to-do list starts to grow, ask family members, or friends to help you out! I am sure they will be more then willing to :-)

Remember to pause
This is something i am really bad at! i always have to remember to stop and that it soesnt have to sbe perfect and to just enjoy it. This amazing time of year will be gone again before you know it!

So there we go my top tips for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the post and don't forget to check out the others in the series. 

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