5 Items You Need to Have in your Wardrobe

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So, now on to the post. Today I am going to suggest five items that you all have in your wardrobe, plus looks to go along with it.  We all have those days where we scrounge through our wardrobes but, no matter how many times we look through, there just isn’t anything to wear.  Here are some items you should have on hand, and a few sure-fire ways to create a runway-worthy outfit in just a minute.

1. Two solid t-shirts in the colors white and black.

Pair these with dark jeans, a colorful scarf, and boots. Perfect for coffee dates with friends, trips to the mall, or birthday parties.

2. A solid black dress.

Belt it and pair with sparkly earrings, a silver necklace, and high heels. Perfect for recitals, concerts, or church.

3. A plaid button-up shirt.

Pair with a matching tank top and wear with jeans and Converse sneakers. Perfect for washing the car, youth group events, or a lazy Saturday.

4. A denim blouse.

Layer underneath any sweater or dress for a cute, preppy look. Perfect for birthday parties or any other events where you want to look girly yet casual.

5. A pair of dark wash jeans.

Dark jeans are a girl’s best friend.  Not only are they flattering, but they give a fancy kick to regular denim.  Wear with a white blouse or flowy shirt for a look that will have your friends drooling. Perfect for grocery shopping or trips to the mall.


What great tips! Thanks Amanda. What are you wardrobe must haves? Let us know in the comments...
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