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Hi everyone, welcome back to my Top 10 Tips series. I hope you are enjoying it so far, If you have missed any posts then you can catch up here, here and here. Today we are talking hair.. In a world where there is just so many tips out there I have picked 10 of the best to share with you today...

  1. Spray Your Bobby Pins  Do your bobby pins tend to slide out? If they do then this is a life saving tip for you! Simply place your bobby pins on a tissue, give them a light spray, and then allow them to dry for a minute or two before using them. This is especially helpful on fine, straight and thin hair.
  2. Switch To Silk  Most of us sleep on a cotton pillow case, but there are so many benefits to switching to silk or satin. Not only is it better for your skin, but it does wonders for your hair! Cotten robs your hair of moisture, is more likely to cause bed head, and is much harsher on your hair, causing damage and split ends. It doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, but we sleep on it every night, so it adds up....
  3. Brush Before You Wash  I have to say this is something I always do! When I was younger my hair used to be very tangly so I would brush it before I washed it to lessen the knots afterwards. It also helps to lessen the hair that goes down the drain! To reduce clogs, brush before you wash, especially if you are prone to tangles.
  4. Wavy Side Down  But wait, isn’t that putting it in upside down you say! You would think so, but that’s actually what the wavy part of the bobby pin was designed for. The wavy part of a bobby pin grabs the hair, while the straight part holds it down. 
  5. Tame Fly-Aways  You don’t always necessarily want to spray extra hairspray on your entire head of hair just to tame a couple of fly-aways! To stop those little hairs that won’t stay put, keep an old toothbrush handy and spray it with hairspray to easily catch those fly-aways without stiffening your entire head!
  6. Let Them Absorb  Women spend a lot of money on hair products but often don't reap the full benefits. Let your conditioner sit in your hair a little longer to give it time to work, the same is true for your styling products. After combing your hair out of the shower, apply your products right away and let them absorb into your hair for about 10 minutes before you break out your hair dryer ect.
  7. Dry Before You Style  When you place a heating tool on wet or damp hair, it creates very hot steam. This caused slow but inevitable damage. Before you use your curling iron or flat iron, make sure your hair is completely dry.
  8. Don't rub your hair with your towel  Rubbing hair with a towel is one of the most damaging things. It causes hair breakage as hair is especially fragile when it is wet. After that it's over-heating the hair with driers, curling wands and straightening irons.
  9. Sleep with damp hair  Go to bed with very slightly damp hair so you wake up with a messy texture. I often wash my hair at night so this is easy for me I love the extra texture you get.
  10. Messy beachy waves  Want some extra texture just go for beachy waves. Click on the link here to go find out how I achieve this...

I hope you enjoyed that and you have found some great tips that will help you out. Don't forget to go and check out the other posts herehere and here. Until next time...

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