Top 10 Tips For....Craft/Sewing Projects | Tip Tuesday


Hi everyone, today I have the 3rd post in the Top 10 Tips For.. series. In case you have  missed any of the other posts you can check them out here, here and here. So here we go with my top 10 tips for sewing...

  1. Keep your stitches small
  2. Trim all threads
  3. Finish all the seams 
  4. Turn corners so they are neat and precise
  5. Use a steam iron
  6. Use straight pins
  7. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  8. Clip the corners and excess
  9. Box the bottom corners of a bag
  10. Enjoy it!
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So there you have it my top tips for sewing. I hope you have enjoyed this post and don't forget to come back in 2 weeks for my Top 10 Tips For.... Hair. See you soon!

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