Top 10 Most Useful Blogging Tools


Hi everyone, I have now been blogging for 6 months! Can you believe it? Since my post on blogging tips for beginners went down so well last month I thought I would share with you my top 10 most useful blogging tools that I have found so far. I really hope this is helpful for some of you. Enjoy the post!

I use google Calanders to plan my blog posts. I love the fact that you can drag and drop things if you decide you want them on a different day. It is defiantly one of my must have blogging tools!

2. Dropbox 
Dropbox is another highly used tool! I find Dropbox really helpful as I can access all my files from wherever I am. I also love the fact that you can put all your photos straight from your phone on to Dropbox...this makes my life so so much easier!

I use hootsuite to schedule my social media(other then Pinterest). As I don't have time to be online 24/7 this is so helpful! I can do a whole post about how I schedule my social media so do let me know if this would interest you!...

Viralwoot is the way I schedule my pins. I use it for the same reasons as I do hootsuite and in the same way. I was very excited when I managed to find viralwoot as u had been looking for a free service like this for a while..

I think that most bloggers probably use google analytics! It is in my opinion the best way to check your stats. I record mine monthly and I really enjoy seeing the growth in subscribers over the past 6 months I have been blogging. :-)

Mail chimp is the email service I use for my weekly round up and monthly newsletter. I have found it harder to work out how to use then some others but I was able to get a free plan which is great! Once you get the hang of it it is  simple it is just thy first little bit that is hard...

First of all can I just say I love pic monkey! I use pic monkey to edit all my photos and to make all my graphics. It is ridiculously simple and easy to use and I love it!

Hello bar is the bar you can see at the top of my page saying please subscribe to my newsletter. It was a very quick and easy widget to install. I have found it works well as it is kind if an ad but it can also be totally customised so it fits in really well...

Add this is a similar thing to hello bar only it has a variety of different widgets for following on social media, sharing on social media and 'you may also like' i" It is simple and easy to use which is great for me!

10. Disqus
Disqus is the comments system that I use. I switched from blogger as I found that disqus was a lot better. I liked it as amonskt other things it notifies people when people reply to comments.

So there we have it, I hope you have found some great tools that will really help you with your blogs. Do let me know if there is anything you want to know more about... I have a post coming up soon about how I schedule everything and of you are looking for more blogging tips then go check out my post about 5 tips for new bloggers... Until next time... 

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