November Favourites 2014


Hi everyone, another month gone by means another load of favourites.. I am getting so excited for Christmas..eeek. Not long now! Anyway I hope you enjoy the post and let me know what you have been loving in the comments...



My brother actually bought me this for my birthday. I really like in fact I have actually bought it for a friend before and then almost bought it for myself as well! It is lush!!! 

Make up:

I love my iconic 3 palette! It took me ages to actually decide to buy it but I am so so pleased I did. It has a lovely colour  range and is perfect for everyday wear.

As we all know going into these winter months are lips are likely to get dry and chapped so a lipbalm is an essential for me. I got a set of Nivea ones for my birthday and have been really enjoying using the essential care one. I apply it in the morning when I get up and then again before I go to bed as well as a couple of other times throughout the day.

Natural collection lip glosses are actually some of my favourites. They don't last the longest of times but they are really nice and and they smell so good! I have been especially loving Carmel Shortbread which for me is the perfect 'your lips but better' shade.



As you all know I love a bit of sparkle. So mixing my favourite colour with some sparkle is a brilliant mix!  I really like the fact that it was sparkly but not over the top with it. 


I love scarfs all year round but I especially love them in autumn/winter. I think they can so easily jazz up an outfit and it takes so little effort to put one on.  It is a very me outfit to have a scarf and a nice pair of boots on!


Craft project:

I really love this style of making bracelets and necklaces. It looks so much harder then it is! I am defiantly going to be doing this again. Also I really like the idea of making some necklace sin the same style...



Hedgehog cake:
I love this cake! I have to say it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but then the people who make bbc good foods  cakes must be experts! I made this for my Dads birthday and apparently it tasted really nice!

Life Favourite:

Hand Warmer:
Ok, so this was another birthday present... It is pretty self explanatory why this is a favourite this month! It keeps my hands tosty though which is nice!

TV Favourite:

This is a CBBC tv program although I think it is actually a Canadian show. It is about a dance troupe and basically follows what is happening to them. I missed the first part of it put am trying to catch up so this has been a fave this month!


I actually only 'met' Rachel this month but she is lovely! She blogs over at School and Suntans which is great by the way! She is actually going to be guest posting next month during Blogmas so look out for that...

So there we go all of my November favourites... I am so excited for Christmas now and for blogmas which starts in 2 days. There are some really great posts lined up so I hope you go and check them out!
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