How I Schedule My Blog Posts And Social Media


Hi everyone, after my post about my top 5 tips for new bloggers a few people asked me to do a post about how I schedule thing so I don't have to be online 24/7. After a bit of thought I decided the way. I would do this is by going thorough each of my social media platforms an then telling you how and what I use to schedule them. First of all lets talk about my blog...

To schedule my blogpost I first plan all my posts for the month on a calendar. Then each week I write the posts for week after. Then I schedule them in blogger to go up on the right day.

I use hootsuite for scheduling my google +. I will take the url and add a photo from the blogpost and then I will write something that will make people click! On a general day I will schedule a quote, my blogpost for that day, a few other people's blogposts and something from the archives. So quite a few posts.

For Facebook I do the same thing as on google + only facebook actually has its own scheduling option. I will write my blogpost take the permilink(URL)and schedule a post for when it goes live. If I am reviewing something I will tag the brand in the hope they may also share it!

For scheduling my pins I use Viralwoot. I am on the free plan which means I have 200 pins a month. What I do is once my blogpost has gone live I will go on and schedule it to pin on to all the appropriate  boards at different times of the day - therefore hopefully reaching different followers!

So there we have it the inside deal of how I keep my blog and social media ticking even when I am not around! Can I just say if you don't already follow me on my social media platforms then I really recommend you do as you will get extra news and updates there! If you have anymore blogging questions do let me know either by commenting or by sending me and email and you never know I may even write a whole post about it!

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