Higher Nature Kids and Teens Vitamins - Review


Hi everyone! Today I have a kind of brand review in a way. When I was shopping the other day I got given these free samples of higher natures kids and teen vitamins. I thought that it might interest you guys so here we go!


Smart Focus

The Brand Claims:
Award winning Omega jelly rounds - with no fishy aftertaste.
Essential Omegas in jelly format with a fruity flavour.
Contains omega 3 EPA and DHA and omega 6 GLA.
DHA contributed to normal maintenance of the brain function.

I think:
These actually taste pretty good for fish oils! I have to say though I found the texture a bit off putting! That is probably a personal preface though! Overall I agree they don't taste bad not sure how much they help you focus..although I probably can't really tell after taking them for 3 days!

Growing Bones

The brand claims:
Tasty chewable tablets with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3
Natural strawberry flavour chewable a.
For the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
Dairy and sugar free.

I think:
I have to take calcium as I am dairy free. I liked these a lot as they were chewable! I am really bad at taking tablets and so chewable is great for me! Taste wise they were fine nothing amazing but they weren't yucky! So overall very good...


Soothe and Immune

The brand claims:
Ideal support for when kids aren't feeling quite themselves.
Delicious natural apple flavour drink with soothing manuka honey and black elderberry extract.
Manuka honey strength NPA 10+
With vitamin C which contributes to the normal function if the immune system.

I Think:
This one is ok. I am not sure how much it does to help you feel better but it does soothe as it is hot and warm and tasty. My younger brother really likes this one and wanted more!


Relax and unwind

The Brand claims:
When they wind down you do too!
Berry flavoured drink free from artificial sweeteners.
Great for your active little ones to support there busy lives.
Also protects bones during the important early years. 
Contains calcium and magnesium
With theanine, the natural amino acid that is known to aid relaxation.

I Think:
I hated this! It really didn't taste very nice. I actually got my little brother to try this and he took one mouthful and said yuk! He did however then try to drink some more because he wanted to be relaxed! I didn't find my self particularly more relaxed but then I didn't drink the whole cup....


Multi Vit Shot

The Brand Claims:
Natural cherry cola flavour multivitamin and minerals.
19 multivitamins and minerals 
Contains iron and vitamin C which help reduce fatigue. 
Also has vitamins B6, B12, D, Zinc, Iron and selenium which help the immune system to function.
14 per box

I Think:
This was the best out of the all for me I took it in the morning and I felt so energised for the rest of the day. Taste wise it did taste like cherry cola  so yeah. I really liked this and may even consider buying a full pack of these.

So there you have it my thoughts on them all. Did you enjoy this post? Did it help you in anyway? I would love some feedback on what you though so let me know...

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