Facemask Friday - Montagne Jeunesse De-Clog Pore Strips

Last weekend I tried the Montagne Jeunusse De-Clog Pore Strips. Here is what I think about them...

Brand Claims:
"Packed with pressed orange blossom and witch hazel to provide a deep cleansing experience for the nose. The pore strips contain natural citrus fruits to draw out impurities and congestion from deep in the skin and provide an ultra-deep cleansing treatment. The De-Clog Pore strips leave the skin feeling clean with reduced and refined pores on and around the nose."

First Impressions:
Never tried this before...Smells ok. Just got to work out how to use it!

The packaging is very simple and probably quite cheap looking. It is functional though

I actually got this on special offer at claries so I paid 75p for it and got 4 uses out of it(My packed seemed to have an extra strip in it!) I think it was very good value.


  • De-Clogs Pores!
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Can be drying
  • Need to leave on longer then it says for it to work!
  • Can pull at skin when removing

3/5 - I have never tried any pore strips before so I can't really compare this to anything. However it did seem to work fairly well and for the price it was great!

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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