NOTW - Flower Power


Hi everyone, today I have some nail art for you all. I have to say this really isn't very seasonal but you know, who says nails have to be seasonal!!!

Making Money Online: With Survey Apps


Hi everyone, today is my second post in my series about making money online. Last week we looked at online surveys and this week we are looking at survey apps. If you missed last weeks post then don't for get to go and check that out for more money making tips and tricks! Anyway let's get on to the post.

November Favourites 2014


Hi everyone, another month gone by means another load of favourites.. I am getting so excited for Christmas..eeek. Not long now! Anyway I hope you enjoy the post and let me know what you have been loving in the comments...

Top 10 Tips For.....Hair Care | Tip Tuesday


Hi everyone, welcome back to my Top 10 Tips series. I hope you are enjoying it so far, If you have missed any posts then you can catch up here, here and here. Today we are talking hair.. In a world where there is just so many tips out there I have picked 10 of the best to share with you today...

Making Money Online: With Online Surveys


Hi everyone, today I have a post that I am quite excited about.. Its all about online surveys I have been on online survey sites since the summer and I think they are a really great way to make a bit of extra cash! So today I am going to share with you some of the sites that I think are the best and why...

DIY Twist Bracelet


Hi everyone, I absolutely love the tutorial I have to share with you today.. It's what I call a twist bracelet, I am showing you how to make it in bracelet form however you can do the same thing to make a necklace too!

NOTW - Lilac Sparkles


Hi everyone, today I have some really cute but also very simple nail art for you all.

How I Schedule My Blog Posts And Social Media


Hi everyone, after my post about my top 5 tips for new bloggers a few people asked me to do a post about how I schedule thing so I don't have to be online 24/7. After a bit of thought I decided the way. I would do this is by going thorough each of my social media platforms an then telling you how and what I use to schedule them. First of all lets talk about my blog...

Facemask Friday - Montagne Jeunesse De-Clog Pore Strips

Last weekend I tried the Montagne Jeunusse De-Clog Pore Strips. Here is what I think about them...

Top 10 Tips For....Craft/Sewing Projects | Tip Tuesday


Hi everyone, today I have the 3rd post in the Top 10 Tips For.. series. In case you have  missed any of the other posts you can check them out here, here and here. So here we go with my top 10 tips for sewing...

The Blog Reader Tag


Hi everyone, I have a random post for you today. As you may know a lot of bloggers do tags but today I am turning it around so you can have a go! 

Top 10 Most Useful Blogging Tools


Hi everyone, I have now been blogging for 6 months! Can you believe it? Since my post on blogging tips for beginners went down so well last month I thought I would share with you my top 10 most useful blogging tools that I have found so far. I really hope this is helpful for some of you. Enjoy the post!

Higher Nature Kids and Teens Vitamins - Review


Hi everyone! Today I have a kind of brand review in a way. When I was shopping the other day I got given these free samples of higher natures kids and teen vitamins. I thought that it might interest you guys so here we go!

NOTW - Pink Sparkles


Hi everyone, today I have for you a nail look you may have seen before! A few months ago I posted about the purple version of this nail polish(take a look). Today however we are talking about the nude/pink version...

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