September Favourites


Hi Everyone, Its that time of the month again... Its favourites time! I can't believe it is October already, I have no idea where the last month went..Can someone slow down time!!! Its only a month till my birthday now which is exciting! Anyway lets get on to the post...



Satsuma Shower Gel - £2.00
Oh my, I don't know what to say about this! It's amazing it literally smells like you are bathing in oranges! For me a shower gel is a shower gel but it is the smell that is the selling point and this one is lush!

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser - £4.25
I had been needing a new moisturiser and picked this one up. I had previously been using the simple light moisturiser which I liked but as I have oily skin it just wasn't helping very much with that! This one however is great it really does seem to help matte the skin and is also great for underneath make up.


DIY Natural Toner
I have also been loving my DIY Toner this month. It has been really good at again helping keep my skin matte and blemish free. Its also so cheap to make! Have any if you tried it yet?


Make up:

Natural Collection Lipsticks  - £1.99
These are the prettiest colours, I got coral shimmers and berry bush and there was so many I could of got though! Miss Budget Beauty did a review if these right before I bought them saying that they were great for the price but several of hers had snapped... Mine have been fine so far but when I bought them I did look at them and bought the ones which seemed to rattle the least in there packaging... We will see...
No 7 Lash Exceptional Definition Mascara - £11.50
I actually got given this mascara by my grandma as she had got it free with some other purchase she was making. Up until now I had been a bit sceptical of mascara and wasn't really convinced that it would make much difference for me. However I can say it does! I am not to worried about the volume and length of my lashes as I like them quite natural but I loved the way it darkened them and gave them so much definition... Do let me know if you have any other mascara recommendations for me! 



Blue Sparkles
I loved this nail look this month I just thought it was so simple and pretty. I will defiantly be taking a look at Barry M soon. What are your favourite colours from them?


Nail Buffer - £1.99
This is so cool and it makes your nail polish go on so much better! There is 6 steps and buy the end your nails will be looking lovely natural or with polish! Defiantly worth picking up for the price...


This scarf really is so autumnal to me! The fushia and burgundy mixed with all the other colours is so pretty. I love a good scarf and have been enjoying wearing this one over the past month.

Craft project:

Most of you will probably already know that I have a new blog design! It's not a hard thing to notice!!! I really love it and hopefully you do to!



Smoothies, what can I say! I love them and you all seemed to love my post about the best ones I have tried so win win! 


Life Favourite:

Yankee Candle Wax Tart Burner
I was so so excited when this came in the post last month! Its so cool to finally be able to burn the tarts I have had for ages and its also perfect tart burning time, what with it being Autumn and then on to winter...

TV Favourite:

I love house program's! I think because I am a bit nosey and just want to know what the houses look like inside! I have been enjoying watching location, location, location purely because it fascinates me and as I said before I am kind of nosey!


I have been loving Tanya's vlogs this month. They have become part of my daily routine and so will be missed this month! However she did mention doing vlogmas....I hope she does!!!

Khila has just been so on it with her videos and blog posts this month. I love her new filming set up and I have really enjoyed all the content she has been producing. I actually bought the natural collection lipsticks on her recommendation!

So there you have it Septembers favourites.. What were you faves this month? Tell me your top 3 things in the comments!... Also don't forget to go and link up over at the link up I am co-hosting this week..

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