October Favourites 2014

Hi everyone, Gosh another month gone by! I know I say this every month but I really have know idea where the month has gone. I don't have so many favourites this month as I haven't really tried that many new things so it has been a lot of old faves. However it is my birthday tomorrow so there may a few more things next month. Anyway enough rambling on to the favourites!..


As it says in the name this is a blemish mask. I am always a bit skeptical about that type of thing but It has really helped stop those breakouts in there tracks. So a thumbs up from me! I will be doing a more in depth review in a facemask Friday soon so watchout for that!

Make up:

I bought this a few weeks ago after having wanting it for quite a while! I love the natural pink shades in the palette they are just so pretty. It also has great pigmentation and last really well. I am interested in trying some more of there stuff along with MUA to see which I think is best....

Loads of people recommend this powder but it is really good! It keeps me from being super shiny without making me look all cakey(hate that look!!). It's just an all round good product...


I love this nail look! I think I am actually going to buy that raspberry shade as it has just so so beautiful. I also really like a good polka dot nail so I got the best of both worlds!


I bought some new winter boots this month and I love them they are so cute. Apparently over time they will have a more vintage look about them so that will be cool. They are just a great pair of winter boots!

Craft project:

I really liked making this mosaic box! I have to admit I wasn't quite sure how it was going to turn out...but it seemed to have done great! I love the heart on the top and was so pleased I could fit it in! It now houses all my small stationary bits and bobs.


I love this recipe! It just tastes so so amazing. It is so simple to make and if like us you have lots of apples growing in your garden I would highly recommend you try this recipe out!...

Life Favourite:

I Pod: 
My I Pod is so useful..I have had it for almost 3 years now but it is amazing. I take all my pictures on it, I use it for emails, social media and loads more! I am also very excited as I am going to by an I Phone soon!...

TV Favourite:

Strictly is a bit of a family tradition in our household. We have watched from the start! This year my favourites are Caroline Flack, Pixie Lott, Jake Woods, Steve Backshore and then I did really like Thom Evans but he got voted out last week....He should not have :-(


I have been following Danas 2 blogs for quite a while now so when she introduced her YouTube channel I was very excited! So far she has done some great videos about blog essentials, reviews if people's blog design and loads more really helpful and informative ones.

Kat does the most amazing job with her podcasts. They are really helpful and she talks to some great bloggers. I love the fact that they are podcasts because that means you can be doing what ever you like whilst you listen!

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