DIY Mosaic Box


Hi everyone! Today I have for you a DIY Mosaic Box. I loved making this and the fact it is so customize able you could make a box whatever size and shape you wanted. It did take quite a while to make though as there was lots of points where I was waiting for layers to dry etc. Anyway lets get into it....


Step 1: Find an object that is the size and shape you want your box to be. Then use it as a template to cut out 2 squares/rectangles - this will be the top and the bottom.


Step 2: Then cut out a long strip of card -  this will be the side. Get your square and starting in one corner tape it round the square. Repeat with a thicker piece of card for the bottom half.


Your box should now look like this! You could just leave it like this and skip step 3 but it won't be very strong...


Step 3: Paper mache your box to give it some extra strength. I did about 3 layers of paper mache and the covered it in white paper as a base for the paint..


Step 4: Paint! I chose this lovely metallic pink colour I got from hobbycraft. Then once the paint had dried I added my mosaic pattern. I really like how it turned out it so cute!

So there you have it that is how I made my mosaic box! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know in the comments if you have a go. 

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