Aunts Apple Chutney


Hi everyone, I am very excited to be sharing today's recipe with you. This Chutney recipe has been in the family for years and although its called aunts apple chutney it is my great great aunt who it first came from! Anyway now I have told you the history lets get on to the post....

  • 4Ibs of Cooking Apples
  • 1 1/2Ibs of Granulated Sugar
  • 1Ib of Sultanas
  • 1Ib of Onions
  • 1Ib of Dates
  • 1/2 oz of Ground Ginger
  • 2 oz of Salt
  • Vinegar 
  • A Clove of Garlic


Step 1: Peel, core and chop your apples. Them cook until mushy, with a little vinegar if nesserary. If you cook them in the microwave then vinegar is not needed.

Step 2: Prepare onion and chip VERY finely and cook in some vinegar.

Step 3: Chop the dates, sultanas and garlic. You can do this in a food processor with a little apple or by hand.

Step 4: Add all the ingredients to a large pan and cook until everything is mushy, using vinegar to get the correct consistency.

Step 5: Fill up your jars and seal, then store to allow them to mature. A little tip for you here is to put your jars in the oven as this will help make sure they are sterile - meaning no mould will grow!

So there you have it the family chutney recipe revealed to the world! Apologies about picture quality and the fact there is not a picture for every step. I was making it with the rest of my family which meant it was hard to get all the pics but hopefully you got the idea! Let me know if you try it...

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