5 Tips For New Bloggers


Hi everyone, today I have a bonus post for you! I have joined the bundle blogging challenge. Each week there is a different topic for everyone to write about so here we are kicking it off with 5 Tips For New Bloggers. Here we go...

1. Sign up for social media platforms 
I know if you have read any blog posts like this you will already know this one, however it really is essential for helping your blog to grow. Everyone wants that right!

2. Get a good blog design 
I didn't do this as at first I just DIYed it a bit... But here's a fact for you someone visiting your site will decide in the first 15 seconds of being there whether they like it or not! Now does that change your mind?! I was lucky enough to win a giveaway and have the lovely Sarah form Creativity Avenue design mine. I don't know whether she offers this as a service but its worth an ask!

3. Schedule everything!
We don't all have the time to be online ALL the time. So scheduling thing is essential for me. I schedule my blog posts on blogger, my social media on Hootsuite and pins on viralwoot. This just makes it so so much easier and means I don't have to stress about not being online 24/7. If you would like a post about how I decide what/when to schedule etc. Let me know in the comments and I can do that.

4. Guest post
Guest posting is a great way to meet bloggers and also gain some traffic. I have done several and they are lots of fun. If you are looking for a blog to guest post on I will have lots of opportunities here during December so do send me an email(thebusybee39@gmail.com) if you are interested...

5. Enjoy it!
Most importantly enjoy it! It's not worth doing it if you don't enjoy it and it will also show in your writing if you are not truly passionate about what you are talking about.

So there we have it my 5 tips for new bloggers. If you enjoyed this post then do stick around as I have another post coming up about the 10 most useful blogging tools I have found in my first 6 months of blogging. Also I just want to mention I have just set up a Facebook page and would love for you to pop over and give it a like! See you soon...

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