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Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a great week! Today I have a new type of post for The Busy Bee. Its a wax tart review. I am hoping to be able to make these a more regular occurrence if you enjoy it, so do let me know! Anyway on to the post...

I have actually had this tart(as well as few others) for quite a few months! However I bought them thinking they were little candles and so when I got home and discovered they didn't have a wick I realised I couldn't burn them! I have eventually got round to buying a tart burner though and can now burn them, yay! On to the review....

Brand Claims:
"Effervescent sweet Meyer Lemon with notes of energetic citrus lime and bergamot orange."

First Impressions:
I quite liked the smell at first sweet but still lemony. It is a very strong scent though.

I actually got this on special offer at the Yankee Candle shop. However I cannot remember how much it was! Maybe £1.20ish....

  • Strong Scent
  • Sweet
  • Burns well
  • Scent lingers after you have stopped burning it!

  • Can be a bit to sweet after awhile..
  • It burned for to long can become very over powering..

3/5 - Have to say for my first experience with a wax tart I liked it but I just don't think the scent was for me... To sweet, it just didn't have enough of a zestyness(great word huh!) to it!

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know if you would like more and if you liked this format! See you soon...

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