August Favourites


Hi Everyone, Today I thought I would do something a bit different... I thought I would do a favourites post. Now I know lots of beauty bloggers already do these but I am going to do mine a bit differently. I have got all the beauty etc. bits but I have also included crafts, recipes and general life stuff - so I hope you enjoy it!!!



I have loved the scent of mango for years and before the body shop brought out there raspberry range it was my favourite range that they did. As you can see by the picture it is almost all gone - Shows you I liked it!

I have loved this body butter for years and so was very very excited when I got it for Christmas! It just smells lush all lovely and coconutey. It is also very moisturising although I probably mostly wanted it for the smell!!! All in all a wonderful product. 


Make up:

OK, now who has heard me mention this palette before? I love it!!! It is absolutely amazing, really well pigmented and its also a really good dupe for the naked 2 palette. For £4.00 I don't know why you wouldn't want to have this in your collection!

MUA Intense Kisses - Quick Kiss - £2.00
This in my opinion is a perfect summer lip colour. It is a coral/dark pink colour which is really pretty. It is a fairly bright gloss but it isn't really out there which I like as I don't think the whole bright lip trend looks good on me!



Rimmel Space Dust -Moon Walking - £1.00
This nail polish is so glam. I shared this in a recent NOTW here. It is really nice dark purple with glitter but it is also very sophisticated. It has a really great staying power so will be a staple for me!



Brown bag:
This brown bag has become my go to bag in these summer months. It is big enough to fit the essentials in but you can wear it without really noticing it. I actually got it in Kenya, but I am sure you could make/find something similar.


Craft project:

I loved making this crochet blanket and I sure it will well loved! This pattern is great as it is so versatile. You can make so many things with it!


These are one of my go to recipe as I know that they will always turn out ok. They taste so good I love them!

Life Favourite:

Smoothie Maker:
So an exciting purchase this month was a smoothie maker. I have wanted to get one for months so I was really happy to get it! I have had a fruit and yogurt smoothie for a lot of breakfasts this month and I love it!

TV Favourite:

This is a fairly old TV series that first aired in 1998 but it has been on over the past few months. I have quite literally watched every episode and so when it ended this month I was very sad! Its defiantly worth a watch.


Sarah - Creativity Avenue:
Sarah has been doing some great blogging tutorials over on her blog this month. I have really been enjoying reading them. Sarah is also helping re-design my blog which is very exciting as hers is really nice!

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know if you would like me to do this every month or every few....

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