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Hello everybody! Today I have a bit of an exciting post for you.. I don't know about you but I have loads of nail polish so today I have a post telling you 10 things that you can do with nail polish. That are slightly unusual!

  1. Smudge Proof Labels: Don’t let a little water ruin your label! Apply a light coat of nail polish over any label and it is instantly waterproofed! 
  2. Seal an Envelope: Need an extra seal or trying to seal an envelope that just won’t stick? Try a dab of clear nail polish on the corner of each side for an extra hold.
  3. Threading a Needle: A quick fix for fighting with a needle and thread is dipping the end of your thread in a small amount of nail polish for easier entry.
  4. Colour Code Objects: Colour code objects that look similar so you can tell them apart. Paint different shades on your set of keys so you know what key is for what.
  5. Stop Runs in their Tracks: Stops runs in stockings by dabbing polish at both ends. This way you can get more wear out of your hosiery, even after a tiny tear.  
  6. Prevent costume jewellery from tarnishing: Ever get those green rings on your fingers from wearing a costume ring?  Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish on your costume jewellery to prevent tarnishing.
  7. Add a Little Glitter: Add a little glitter to any top coat for an added glam. You can also try adding glitter to a base coat for dimension and texture to your nails.
  8. Painting your nails! This is self explanatory and really what nail polish was designed for but you can do so much more with it now..
  9. Waterproof matches:  An easy way to waterproof stick matches is by applying a heavy coating of clear new polish over the match head, preventing any moisture from penetrating. Just make sure to let them dry completely before packing them up.
  10. Cover car scratches: Accidents happen. Almost everyone has accidentally bumped into a hedge or scratched some paint off their car in a minor fender bender. If you find a nail polish shade that very closely matches your car’s paint job, it will work as a less expensive “touch up” paint, since both paints are made of similar ingredients.
So there you have it 10 things to do with nail polish. If you are wanting more wacky things to do with everyday household products then check out these posts:
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