10 Uses For Vaseline | Tip Tuesday

Welcome to the first in my top 10 uses series. Over the next month I am going to be doing a series about 10 uses for different household products. Today we are starting off with Vaseline

  1.  Some people swear by it to treat their eyelashes, they say a coat of it before bed makes them longer, stronger and thicker 
  2. Cuticles! Why pay for costly cuticle creams and balms when this inexpensive jelly can soften them up for you?
  3. Lips – Used as a balm or even a gloss, try adding it to your favourite lipstick to add shine!
  4. If you apply Vaseline to your pulse points BEFORE your perfume the fragrance will last longer
  5. Amp up your eye shadow or blush - turn them into creams by adding some Vaseline to the mix! 
  6. Similarly it can be applied to cheeks to give a natural highlighted effect
  7. Apply a layer on my skin around the nails, so any smudges of varnish are easily wiped away when I wipe off the Vaseline – great when you’re doing nail art!
  8. Mix with a little sugar and you have a DIY lip scrub for next to nothing!
  9. Struggle with your nail polish bottles? Put a little Vaseline under the cap and make your next mani/pedi a breeze!
  10. Remove stuck rings by rubbing a bit into your finger.
So there you have it 10 Uses For Vaseline you probably never new about! Do you have any other things you use Vaseline for? Don't forget to check out the other posts in the series here, here and here.

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