Know Your Body Shape

Hello, today I have another post for you in the know your series(Don't forget to go and check out the last one about Knowing Your Colouring). I am going to be talking about body shapes and how to work out what shape your body is. I am also going to be doing follow up posts about knowing how to dress for your body shapes. Anyway lets get into it....

Apple/Inverted Triangle

If you are an apple shape then it means you are bigger at top and you get narrower as you go down your body. You gain weight in your bust area.


If you are a pear shape it means you are small up top but you are bigger on your bottom half. Like a triangle. You gain weight at your hips.


If you are an hourglass shape it means you have a small waist but your shoulders and hips are pretty much the same width. You are fairly balanced.


If you are a ruler it means you don't really have many curves and you just go straight down! Lots of models have this body shape.
So there you have it.. Which body shape are you? Don't forget to check back over the next 2 weeks to learn more about dressing for your body shape. Also Khole Grace has a great post about body shapes over at her blog  All Things Good.

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