Know Your Body Shape - Ruler and Hourglass

Welcome to the next in the know your series. If you haven't already don't forget to go and check out the other posts here and here. Today we are talking about those of you who are Rulers or Hourglasses...

So you think you have an Hourglass Shaped Figure....

Do you?
  • Feel most comfortable in more fitted styles?
  • Find that a straight skirt rises up?
  • Find that waistbands are often too large/Have a small waist?

If you can say yes to these then you are a Hourglass Shaped Figure.

  • Bring attention to your shoulder and neckline
  • Extend the shoulder past the thickest part of the arms
  • Extenuate your waist
  • Wear straight shapes that hide your waist
  • Fussy styles and details that create additional volume around your bust, tummy, thighs 
  • Boxy jackets, or double breasted styles, narrowing leg lines or wide/short sleeves which finish near your bust

So you think you are a Ruler Shaped Figure...

Do you:
  • Wear the same size on your top and bottom halves?
  • Have a small bust?
  • Have a little waist definition?
  • Have flat hips and bottom?
  • Average tummy?

If you can say yes to these then you are have a Ruler Shaped Figure.

  • Keep your silhouette uncluttered
  • Unstructured jackets that gently shape the waist
  • Hip and bottom details are good - as long they create gentle curves

  • Details at the waist such.
  • Straight lines from top to toe.
  • Boxy jackets or coats as well double breasted coats and jackets; boxy pleats
  • Fussy, busy or droopy style in your clothing
  • Rectangle shaped bags or clutch bags
  • Square toe shoes

So that is it now you all know how to dress for your body shape. I am quite sad that this is the end of the series :-( Don't forget to check out the other posts here and here if you haven't already. 

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