Facemask Friday - Montagne Jeunusse Passion Peel Off


Last weekend I tried the Montagne Jeunusse Passion Peel Off. Here is what I think about it....

Gluten and Dairy Free Banana Loaf

Good morning good morning! Today I have a recipe for you. It is this banana loaf that is so so so quick and easy. I love it!

10 Uses For Coconut Oil | Tip Tuesday


Are you ready to find out 10 Uses for Coconut Oil? Cause today I have found 10 of the best things to do with coconut oil. Are you ready??....

DIY Upcycled Cans | Making Monday

DIY Upcycled Cans | The Busy Bee

Hello today I have an upcycling DIY for you all. I am going to be showing you how I made these super cute Upcycled Cans.. These are so useful you could store pens in them Make Up brushes, Lipsticks. Whatever you like really!

Nails Of The Week - Pastel Stripes

Hello, how are you all today? Today I am sharing some stripy nail art with you...

Know Your Body Shape - Ruler and Hourglass

Welcome to the next in the know your series. If you haven't already don't forget to go and check out the other posts here and here. Today we are talking about those of you who are Rulers or Hourglasses...

One Pot Salmon With Asparagus


Good Morning, Today I have a really easy recipe for you all using one of my favourite types of fish Salmon. My mum and I have always loved salmon it just tastes so good and this recipe is so easy you don't even need two pans! Its a one pot salmon recipe....

10 Uses for Vinegar | Tip Tuesday


Hello everyone, Do want to know 10 Uses for Vinegar? Well then read on.. Also don't forget to check out the other post in this series herehere and here.

Easy Crochet Bag Patten

Hello today I would like to share with you a patten I have found...

Nails Of The Week - Diagonal Nail Art

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I have another DIY Nail Art for you all...

Know Your Body Shape - Apple and Pear

Good morning! Today I have the next instalment of the Know Your Body Shape Series. Today we are looking at how to dress for Apple and Pear Shaped Figures. If you don't know what body shape you have yet then don't forget to check out this post to find out.

Easy Gluten and Dairy Free Fruit Cake


Hello, Today I am going to share with you a recipe that I have loved since I was tiny. Its Fruit Bread! I have loved this recipe for years and am now going to show you what changes I have made so that I can have it now I am Gluten and Dairy Free. So are you ready for my awesome Easy Gluten and Dairy Free Fruit Bread Recipe?!

10 Uses For Olive Oil | Tip Tuesday


Welcome back to the second post of the "10 uses for" series! Today we are talking about 10 Uses for Olive Oil. I am sure that most people have olive oil in there house or can get it form there local supermarket. So here is some alternative uses for it!

How To Make Paper Beads


Good morning I have a fun tutorial for you this morning. Its all about Making Paper Beads using magazinesMaking paper beads is a great way to recycle all your old newspapers and magazines. 

Nails Of The Week - 50 Shades Of Pink

Today's Nails Of the Week is on my toes. As its the summer I will be featuring more of my toe nail polish(that sounds weird!!!) and today I have on the Rimmel Limited Edition Polish in 50 Shades Of Pink. It is this neon pink/red colour but to be honest it looks very different under different types of light so it suits its name! 

FriXion Pens Review

Its review time! I recently bought these FriXion Pens by Pilot. These pens are actually erasable pens which is a pretty new concept for me. Read on to find out what I think...

Know Your Body Shape

Hello, today I have another post for you in the know your series(Don't forget to go and check out the last one about Knowing Your Colouring). I am going to be talking about body shapes and how to work out what shape your body is. I am also going to be doing follow up posts about knowing how to dress for your body shapes. Anyway lets get into it....

DIY Frozen Yogurt


Hello another recipe post for you all this morning! Today I am going to be sharing with you a DIY Frozen Yogurt Recipe. I  love making frozen yogurt it is perfect for these warm summer months and it is way better for you then ice cream!

10 Uses For Vaseline | Tip Tuesday

Welcome to the first in my top 10 uses series. Over the next month I am going to be doing a series about 10 uses for different household products. Today we are starting off with Vaseline
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