Nail Polish Organisation | Tip Tuesday


Its that time of the week again where I give you all another awesome tip! This weeks tip is about organising your nail polish. I always find I can never find the colour I want quickly without rooting through my box of polishes so when I heard of this idea I thought it was great I just had to share it!


This is really simple to do and you can probably already see how to do it from the pictures but I will talk you through it anyway! Basically all you need is your nail polishes and then either an old make up brush or a skewer either would work fine. All you do is dip the end of your make up brush/skewer into your polish and then dab a bit on the lid. Then all you need to do is leave it to dry and hey presto its all done, one set of organised nail polish!


So there you go that is how I store my nail polish, How do you store yours? Tell me in the comments. If you want a few ideas on what to do with all your Nail polish then why not take a look at this post.

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