Know Your Colouring

Hello, I have a bit of a  different post for you all today. Its the being of the Know Your series I will be running on my blog next month.

Today its about knowing your colouring. Knowing your colouring is really helpful when you are shopping as really helps you to know what colours suit you and which colours to avoid. I am a soft autumn. This means that Olive green, Salmon pink, Mahogany colours(and many others!) look good on me and complement my skin tone, eye colour etc.

I have found several sites that's help you find your colouring but this one seems the easiest to use! I really would advise going and seeing which one you are as it can make shopping so mush easier.

Anyway that's all for now come back next week to learn what body shape you have... As always if you liked this post why don't you share it with your friend..

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