How I Wash My Make Up Brushes - Without a Special Cleaner

Hello everyone, how are you?! Today I am going to be sharing with you how I wash my make up brushes. I don't use any special cleaner, just a product that EVERYONE has in there household... Read on to find out more(have I got your attention now?!!!)

Step 1: Gather up all your dirty make up brushes!

Step 2: Run them under a the tap untill they are wet.

Step 3: Now for the secret ingredient...Its shampoo! Today I used the Pantene. Put a bit on your hand.

Step 4: Swirl the make up brush around in the shampoo until the make up is all gone. Then rinse under the tap to make sure all the shampoo and make up is off.

Step 5: Lay the out on the side to dry for a few hours(so don't clean them just before you need to put the make up on!!!)

So there you have it! 5 steps and your sorted. How do you wash your make up brushes?

The busy bee x

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