Gluten, Dairy and Egg Free Pizza Dough

Have you ever tried to make pizza dough and it just hasn't turned out write? Yep, me too so many times. Today I have the answer to all your problems I have the perfect recipe for Gluten, Dairy and Egg Free Pizza Dough. It is amazing and really really easy. So lets get started....

How To Stop Fabric Fraying ~ The Easy Way | Tip Tuesday


Today's tip is for all you sewing enthusiasts out there. This tip about how to stop fabric fraying the easy way will literally save you hours and hours of time!

Felt Cupcake Tutorial

Today I have a sewing project for you all. These felt cupcakes are adorable and great for quick and easy presents. You could use this tutorial to make a keyring, broach or even just for an ornament! I first saw this idea on zujava but decided to change it up slightly so here is my version of the felt cupcake tutorial.

Nails Of The Week - 18.05.14

My top 5 make up products

Welcome to Feeling Fabulous Friday. This week I will be telling you my top 5 make up products and what I love about them all.

Amazing Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free Pancake Recipie

Hello and Happy Wednesday. For today's What I ate Wednesday I have an amazing gluten, dairy and sugar free pancake recipe for you all. I love this recipe it one of those ones you know will never fail and its also very allergy friendly.

Hair drying | Tip Tuesday

For this weeks tip Tuesday, I have a tip about drying your hair.

Feeling Fabulous Friday - FAQ

What is "Feeling Fabulous Friday" about?
Feeling Fabulous Friday is a day for fashion and beauty. I will be writing posts on everything to do with fashion and beauty.

What can I expect?
On Feeling Fabulous Friday you can expect fashion, style, beauty posts and more. 

What are your favorite items of clothing? Let me know in the comments. See you on Monday!

The busy bee x

What I ate Wednesday - FAQ

What is "What I ate Wednesday"?
What I ate Wednesday is a day in which I can share what I have been eating that week and a recipe that I have been loving. I am allergic to Gluten, Dairy and also eat a low sugar diet and have often been left wondering what shall/can I eat!.... All the recipes I feature will be gluten and dairy free some will be egg and even sugar free!

What can expect to see?
On what I ate Wednesday you can expect to see food inspiration, fabulous recipes and reviews on Free From products. Each Wednesday I will post either a recipe, review or food inspiration from that week.

So there you have it all about What I ate Wednesday. Do you have any allergy's? What are your favourite free from foods?

The busy bee x

Tip Tuesday - FAQ

What is "Tip Tuesday" about?
Tip Tuesday is a day on The Busy Bee for all the tips and tricks which make life just that little bit easier. 

What can I expect?
Each week there will be a new tip or trick for you. They will be short and snappy posts perfect for a 5 minute read!

So there you have it tip Tuesday summed up in a short and snappy post! I shall start as I mean to go on... What are your favorite tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments and you never know they may end up in a post!

The busy bee x

Making Monday - FAQ

What is "Making Monday" about?
Making Monday is a day for everything creative. From sewing to paper craft to beading Making Monday is day for craft. I love making thing and so I will be sharing with you my favourite picks from the crafting world.

What can I expect?
On a Making Monday you can expect tutorials, ideas and inspiration. It will be a day of ...MAKING!!!! 

What are your favorite things to make? Vote on the poll below and leave comments about what your current project is. You will be seeing mine very soon!

The busy bee x

Welcome to The Busy Bee

Hello and welcome to The busy bee, I am Bethany Aka The Busy Bee! The Busy Bee is a blog all about DIY, craft, sewing, crochet, beauty, organizing, fashion and lifestyle.(so basically everything!!!)

No doubt you are wondering how I came up with the name "The Busy Bee" (well even if you aren't I'm gonna tell you!!!) The "Bee" part comes from a nickname my parents used to call me and the busy part, well....because i am always doing something! So there you have it The Busy Bee!

On The Busy Bee each day will have its own theme e.g. Making Monday, What I ate Wednesday. I may also do monthly themes. Let me know below in the comments what you would like best and also any post requests.... 

Anyway that's all for now, enjoy your stay I hope I will see you again soon!

The busy bee x
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