Goodbye The Busy Bee

The time has come for The Busy Bee to close. I enjoyed the time I spent posting on here a lot but its not something that fits into my life anymore. If you would like to follow what I am doing now then take a look at @neemacreations on Instagram or Facebook. There you can continue to follow my crafting and baking!

Top 5 Recipes of 2014


Hi everyone, today I have a Top 5. Recipes Of 2014 for you. If you have missed the previous posts then you can check them out here. Anyway on to today's post...

Top 5 Nail Designs Of 2014


Hi everyone, I really hope you are enjoying these round up posts. I am enjoying sharing them with you! Today it is nails so I am sharing with you my top my nail designs of 2014. So let's get started...

Top 5 Make Up Products of 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying this weeks posts of my top 5 ......... Of 2014. I have been really enjoying writing it and looking back over my  first year of blogging. If you have missed any of the posts you can find them here. Now on to today's post...we are talking make up so here we go my Top 5 Make Up Products of 2014.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks Of 2014


Hi everyone, welcome back to the next post in my Top 5 Of 2014. Today we are looking at the Top 5 tips and Tricks that I have shared during the past year so enjoy!

Top 5 Blogging Tips Of 2014


Hi everyone, welcome back to the top 5...of 2014 series. I hope you are enjoying it so far! Today we are taking blogging so here are my top 5 blogging tips of 2014...

Top 5 Craft Projects of 2014


Hi everyone, welcome to the first of my Top 5 of 2014 posts. I know I am quite late at doing this but I still wanted too even if it is a long time since new year! Anyway today I am sharing with you my Top 5 craft projects of 2014.

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